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Vancouver Summer

A photo of Science world from the Cambie Street Bridge during a Marathon in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tofino Tree

A tree stump that survived being scoured by the beach on Long Beach, Tofino, British Columbia.

Alaskan Husky

An alaskan husky takes a short respite while on a glacier.

Sloop pursued by Gulls

A sloop chases some gulls around to finish off a day of sailing.


An Inuksuk built out of pebbles on a beach.

Art Gallery at dusk

The Vancouver art gallery before the olympics started.

Waste Dump ravaged by time

A waste dump on a mine sight which has been ravaged by rain, snow and time.

Loaded Haul Truck

A haul truck hauls a load of ore out of an open pit.

Ferret ready to play

A ferret bursts from a tube, ready to play.

Sunset in Spokane

The sun falls on a Spokane bridge, on a clear sunny day.

Vancouver at night

False Creek in Vancouver at night as seen from the Burrard street bridge.

Richardson Point

Vancouver skyline behind a fleet of fishing vessels as seen from the docks at Granville Island.